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Michael Tooley recently sent me some details of how the Colorado philosophy department came to invite in the site visit committee. Once I’ve got his permission, I’ll post a summary of those details here. They portray a picture of the department and its motivations in a way that, it seems to me, makes much more sense than the increasingly implausible account in which the dean and provost co-requested the site visit.

In the meantime, I hope everyone has had a look at Ludlow’s response to the charges raised against him by his anonymous accuser. If his account is correct (and I suspect from his response that there will soon be objective evidence to falsify either his story or his accuser’s), he has been hounded quite unjustly not only by a student who may be somewhat unbalanced, but by a shockingly irresponsible investigator and administration, not to mention a horde of self-righteous students who are rubbing salt into the wounds of an innocent man. Details here:

The cadre of students, faculty, bloggers, and site visit team who have been banging the feminist drum more and more loudly these past weeks and months came out to fight the good fight, but somehow got lost along the way. As Adolph Reed, Jr. describes an oddly similar group in his essay in this month’s Harper’s, “its metier is bearing witness, demonstrating solidarity, and the event of the gesture. Its reflex is to ‘send messages’ to those in power, to make statements, and to stand with the oppressed.”

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  1. BTW, thanks for offering a site in which it’s possible to discuss these issues without the fear of censorship. Even Philosophy Smoker, which is probably the best of the lot of philo blogs discussing these things, seems subject to fairly random displays of censorship.

    The latest thread seems to have been cut off — or at least chilled off — by Mr. Zero’s declaration that there will be no more discussion of the “he-said/she-said” in the Ludlow case.

    What does that even mean? Yeah I get that we don’t yet know who’s telling the truth, and shouldn’t assume we do. But virtually all of the discussion was on the moral/social/political/professional significance of what Ludlow himself admitted to in his “Answer”. This isn’t a worthy discussion? Does Mr. Zero imagine that the issue is just going to go away?

    Irrational stuff like that just drives me nuts, or, more exactly, to other, apparently more reasonable blogs, such as this.

    Leiter’s recent polls strongly suggest that at most half of the philosophy profession is on board with the conspicuous moral posturings of so many self-identified feminists. I’d like to think that this might become the blog for the other half. God knows we need one.

    • Thanks very much, Highly Adequate. My computer’s been in the repair shop this past week, so I haven’t been able to do much here in awhile. But I’ll respond to your other comment (and post the Tooley thing) very soon, all going well.

      In the meantime, I like your idea of this blog being used as an alternative forum to the explicitly or implicitly feminist-oriented ones currently out there.

      With that in mind, I’ve decided to mix in some forum posts with the opinion ones. Maybe people will contribute to the discussion forums more if they don’t have to read my opinions first!

      If you’d like to help this become such an alternative, may I ask two favors of you (and other readers)?

      1) Post more comments, and
      2) Spread the word!

      The stats show that hundreds of people visit here each day; it’s just that few of them say anything. I want to hear some alternative voices here, and ideally also some of the more feminist voices. My fantasy is that this can become a sort of neutral ground, giving neither side an advantage through censorship, etc.

      Thanks again for your interest!

      • One quick and strong suggestion: make it possible to make comments anonymously, with little effort.

        I happened to have a Google account that I had set up that I remembered, and so was able to comment. But others may not have such accounts, or may feel insecure about whether they could be tracked down based on their accounts.

        Also, having scoops, such as Tooley’s take on what went on before the site visit, is a big plus in building up traffic. If you could become the go-to place for the other side of the story, that would be a big deal.

  2. Thanks for the tip! The computer place just told me I’ll have it back by tomorrow, so I’ll try to do the Tooley story then or Friday (backlog and whatnot).

    In the meantime, thanks for the great advice about the need for anonymous posts. I hadn’t realized it was difficult to do that on this blog, so I’ll look into that now.

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